Monday, November 10, 2008

The Perfect Script

Yesterday's day for Indian cricket ran on a perfect script. And yes, winning 2-0 against the aussies isnt a small joy, its an exceptionally big one. (btw- read my earlier blog Told ya! for amateur predictions coming true, gloat gloat).

In this beautiful end to Ganguly and Kumble's careers, there were two moments of small joy. I'm sure every cricket lover spotted them. Both showed Dhoni's heart shown to anyone who wasn't convinced that he was a special one, indeed.

Dhoni relinquished his captaincy for Gangs, for 5 odd overs, and gave him the thrill that he'd always wanted: captaining India again and beating Australia once more. He called Anil Kumble to the podium and shared the trophy presentation with him: something that the old soldier had always coveted.

Head full of dreams, but feet on the ground. That's our new captain.