Tuesday, December 2, 2008

An Ordinary Moment

I'd forgotten the joy of an ordinary moment for quite some time. After terror struck Mumbai, it seemed to me that all of my desires and wants were suddenly quite irrelevant.

Sometimes, it takes a tragedy to realise where we are going in life. It may not be a tragedy that impacts you, but something like what happened does make you freeze. I have just been frozen like this for the past few days, contemplating the meaninglessness of it all. I didn't write too much because small joys are also rare to notice when something like this happens. We have a curious fascination for reading bad news in the papers.

But today, when I was driving to work, I saw the city around me, and realised that I was appreciating the sheer ordinariness of it all- the buses, shops opening up, the rain washed trees, kids going to school, the usual scenes that we take for granted.

And I thanked the one above for giving me an ordinary moment, something that many do not have the luxury of. If you are anyone like me, I'd say that you are very lucky.