Monday, August 9, 2010

The Minute before Inception

As you can guess, I'd gone to see this film on the weekend at E-square. I have mixed feelings about the film itself, but not about the minute before the film started. It was a beautiful rendition of our national anthem.

It was a film showing the Indian Army raising our flag in obviously tough conditions (blizzard- like; bleak and windy). Some people had groaned when they saw the notice "please stand up for the national anthem" but I dare say that they felt a little bad about that reaction the moment they saw the visuals.

I think doing the national anthem before a film is a good idea (although bad possibly for popcorn carriers- all that juggling- and you can't really look solemn carrying popcorn, can you) . Having a film that gives goosebumps accompanying it is one step better.


Anonymous said...

Inception woke me up with a start.

Never seen anything like it before, nor imagined anyone could show it the way Chris Nolan did.

This man, even if he is just 40, is so above and ahead of the rest, it is incredible.