Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bill Bryson's World

If you ever need to get yourself out of a rut, get hold of a Bill Bryson book. He writes about the places he visits. He covers them, warts and all, and has a delicious sense of humor to boot. He effortlessly takes you through the geography, history and charm of each eclectic place as he rips it apart. The good thing about his writing is that it is very real- he talks of the tedium of traveling as well as the joys, and I could certainly connect with that.

And your benefit is that you get that holiday, in your mind at least. And you don't get the blisters and insect bites that he does!

My favourite books are "Notes from a small island"(Great Britain) ; "A walk in the woods" (covering the Appalachian trail) ; and the last one I finished- "The lost continent" (covering small town USA)

And when he writes about having a "steamy, lavish bath" after a day out chasing some monuments, his infectiousness gets you to have one as well. No kidding.


Dennis said...

My favorite one is "A brief history of nearly everything". I bought the book some 6 yrs back & I still read it.

Siddharth said...

yeah Dennis: its awesome as well