Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Different Points of View

I teach every Saturday at Symbiosis, Lavale. As I drive up, I get to see some spectacular views. The first image that you see below is on the way up the ghat. The second one is a fantastic view of the valley after I get out of my car. The third photo is when I step inside the good looking institute. These beautiful images form my point of view. Scroll down and see the fourth photo as well to get a different point of view as well.

My students probably feel different. I imagine this depicts things from their perspective: Prison!


Meghana said...

Nice. U take good pictures. :)

Era said...

Ya u' re right...Hills are a good place to visit but probably not as good a place to settle down...may be thats why places like Nagaland,Manipur have such little population