Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Tale of Two Campuses

Many moons ago, as a MICA student, life was in a campus outside Ahmedabad, just at the edge of the desert, or so it seemed like. You had to go through a village, which had a lake and a tree that was full of vultures. Hedgehogs and peacocks everywhere. The campus itself looked modern and surreal in the surroundings. (When I visited it later on, it had become a five star resort. Made the desert moon look even more weird)

Cut to today, and I'm visiting faculty at Symbiosis, Lavale, Pune. As I travelled out of the city,through a village, and into a sprawling, modern campus, the surreal feeling came back in spades. This institute is spectacularly placed on top of a mid-sized mountain, overlooking a forested area.

If anything, it is more spectacular than the MICA setting. ( MICANS- you'll have to see this one to believe me!). I finished my lecture, hopped on to the pick and drop facility, and as we rolled down the ghat, I half wondered whether I was a student or a teacher.

Life comes full circle in the most unexpected ways.


Darpan Majumdar said...

I hope you had interesting time in SIMC and I really liked the slice of consumer life, you explained.

Siddharth said...

Thanks Darpan! and your bloglink is?

Darpan Majumdar said...