Monday, February 22, 2010

The Fringe Benefits of Failure

We all need a little boost now and then, especially when things are going rough for us. I got a boost exactly like this when a friend of mine gave me this link:

J.K. Rowling addresses the Harward university graduates a few years back in this amazing speech. Maybe you've read it before, or even heard it, but when you need to buck yourself up, facing challenges that life has thrown at you, just listen to this one.

Not only is it inspiring for writers like me, it is a must watch for all- filled with warmth, humor, self deprecation and is instantly believable. It has a lot of gems too- watch out for the one about the expiry date for blaming your parents. Or the way in which you can use imagination.

She has truly been there, done that, and has the Harry Potter T shirt to boot.