Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Other Bakery in Pune

German Bakery's coffee was always black and to die for. I'd loved my times there, looking at pseudo- gurus trying to con foreigners with some gyan. The place introduced you to Koregaon Park's theme, which was hang loose and mostly chill.

Now its mostly gone. German Bakery, that is. I do hope that humpty dumpty is put together again, but terrorism's curse would make one think twice before stepping in. Or maybe now that it has been bombed once, it is actually safe.

I hope no terrorists read this blogpost, because I am about to extol the virtues of the "other" bakery that I like in Pune. It is small, unpretentious, and is actually one (German Bakery was a cafe in disguise). It lies on the other side of town, in Deccan, and it's called Santosh Bakery.

Go there to see and smell bread being made, uncut bread (does anyone even remember what that looks like?). Creamrolls and chai beckons you, as does its famous Veg Pattice. You don't hang around at Santosh bakery though. You pick your goodies, and off you go to scoff them when no one is looking.

Which is just as well, given the way bakeries are being targeted.


Cynic's Twist said...

Easily the best freshly baked bread, buns and "pattice" in town!

Sandeep said...

what about BBC? have you written about that? :)

Siddharth said...

Sandeep: of course I've written. couple of blogposts: Smoked out of Swagat and Life is beautiful