Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Let's make it more than 1411

Have you seen the "Save the Tiger" campaign? Like everyone who missed Sachin's innings yesterday, I was watching the highlights, when I saw a couple of ads in this campaign. The one with the cub waiting for the mother to come back home was heart rending.

In another one,MS Dhoni says he's not going to let the tiger become extinct. And if he says that, we'd better help him.

Through this blog, I'd really like to congratulate the sponsors for choosing a worthwhile cause, creating a wonderful campaign, and to choose celebs who show a bit of tiger in them. Normally, I've found advertising like this a bit too self conscious and navel gazing, but this one pulls my heartstrings.

I'd also urge everyone to read "Life of Pi" (Yann Martel) in case you haven't before. A tiger's majesty comes alive in this wonderful, quirky book.

It would be more than a small joy to see that tiger number move up from 1411, huh?


Cynic's Twist said...

Great adverts and very relevant, it is time we make it more that 1411.