Thursday, October 15, 2009

What's your Diwali Memory?

Here are my top five Diwali "boy's own" memories that remain small joys to this day:

1. Nuisance value: Waking up very early and making a nuisance of yourself to your parents, neighbors and the world in general on the first day. A loud bomb that ensures curses at 5 ish in the morning. Burning a hole through a sari with a rocket . Hitting a neighbour on the head with your chammanchidi (now banned). Add to this list Bhuichakra , Bhuinala, Sudarshan Chakra and the famous Parachute.

2. Creativity and spirit: Creating homemade crackers that do not burst well, or a bit too well. ( called apatbars). In latter years, both kinds of Daru, liberal doses. Making a Killa (fort) with tender love and care. Bombing the hell out of it on Tulshicha Lagna.

3. Gluttony: Anarse. Shankarpale. Kaju katli. Chiwda. Other sweetmeat boxes that come as surprises from your father's friends.

4. Massages: Smelly oils that feel yuck but make you drowsy.

5. Luck by Chance: Trying to play teen patti and flopping. Then telling yourself that if you have bad luck at cards your year had better luck. Hah.

Happy Diwali to everyone.


khatriranjya said...

this is very true except for the bomb bit i have been there and done sid i agree a 100 %

Meghana said...

Boy memories! :)