Thursday, October 22, 2009

Learning from a new discipline

I find it extremely rewarding to learn a new thing in my area of work from some totally unrelated profession.

Yesterday, my surgeon dad was explaining to a friend of mine about how most surgeons focus on doing the best possible surgery only and not post operative treatment. It is as if most of them consider that as not "part of the job". I realized that this aspect is so true even in all the sectors I've worked in- Media, Telecom, Entertainment, Software- and one of the biggest problems I have seen is people don't really know all the factors that constitute their jobs.

Somehow, to see it being confirmed in a totally unrelated field was, in a sense, a deep learning, because it helped me understand the problem from a different angle. Earlier, I used to think it was just a lazy attitude. I now recognize that there might be something more than that- something to do with what people really enjoy doing. Perhaps, the problem can be solved in a different way in my mind now.

Big lesson. Small joy.