Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Help a Reporter Out

Or HARO for short. It is a unique service that Peter Shankman has started, and what I like about it is the spirit in which it functions. What does it do? Well, you become a HARO family member and get email alerts for reporters on the lookout for a specific kind of news. If you think you fit the bill, you respond to the reporter and take it ahead. It is a free service for reporters, and it allows people their 15 seconds of fame or even salesy types to put a legitimate plug in. The way Peter Shankman earns money is through an advertising model- though you can barely smell the advertising, it is that engaging.

Do read the 5 rules of HARO before you respond to any query. What I find nice about this service , as I said before, is that it is such a cool, giving sort of idea that actually works. Enough said.


Peter said...

What a nice birthday present! Thanks! :)