Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bhope Bhau

Hey, I saw a cool film yesterday: Kaminey. While I have serious issues with the film's storyline(I dont see it working if it wasnt stylised), and the rationale behind the speech impaired twins- I loved everyone's performance , especially Amole Gupte and Priyanka Chopra.

Amole Gupte takes the cake. I never thought he could do a quietly menacing Bhope Bhau. This guy had conceived Taare Zameen Par for chrissakes. You would look at his media pictures and think cuddly Santa Claus.

See this film and you'll think that no more. I loved one scene in particular: where Bhope Bhau and his victim play a "Bang Bang" kiddy game with real pistols. Its his quietness that works.

Wont say anything more. Check the film out. And do watch out for the stylish way in which things aren't explained to us as if we were schoolkids as well. Good fun