Monday, August 31, 2009

Bathroom singing in the hall

Had a party last weekend at my place. One of my friends had brought a guitar, my brother plays the sax well, and we ended up humming a few songs instead of the usual desultory conversations that take place when people talk about jobs, kids, holidays and stuff.

Not that its bad, it is just mundane. This served as a good hour for everyone to get into the act(helps if you are a little high) and nobody cared if they couldn't sing well. Nobody cared if they forgot a few words. Heck, nobody cared if new lyrics were invented- lyrics that may be making a few of the original singers turn in their grave(if they are dead of course. If they aren't, their lawyers would sue if they heard these renditions)

Good way to enliven the party. As you can see, I'm still in a good mood.


Anuradha said...

Amazingly lucid thoughts. Its astounding that someone can think like this. Truly amazing and Truly touching