Sunday, October 5, 2008

Smoked out of Swagat

This new anti smoking law is a bit weird. While things are obviously better within restaurants and pubs, and stale smoky air doesnt hit you so hard, a night out with the boys at a typical drinking place like Swagat becomes a bit weird.

I'd gone there last Friday, and Swagat still remains superb- the fish, the drink, and the weird talk that only males can enjoy(a combination of boasts, fake stories and laments about how the world isnt the same anymore with sudden departures into the world of cricket and politics).
But the smoke wasn't there, and it felt a bit funny. Not that I'm much of a smoker, but the ambience felt a little wrong. So sue me.

By the way, has anyone wondered why, if India is truly serious about anti smoking, that it hasn't banned cigarettes but public smoking? Democracy works in strange and wonderful ways, but this ain't one of them:)

But as I stepped out, replenished with the queerest of male customs- the boys night out- I noticed something nice. My eyes werent burning because of smoke like they usually do, and it felt good.

Perhaps there was a little fire without a lot of smoke this time in good ol' Swagat.


weecheeky said...

I have always heard about 'swagat' and wondered how it will be as I have never been there myself. there are some places in pune those are meant to be for guys only (alikhit niyam). I wonder if we have some places like those 'only for gals'.

Siddharth said...

Hey weecheeky,

I recommend going to Swagat for lunch with a male friend. You'll find the staff surprisingly courteous though a lil taken aback. As for the rest of the gents in the place- they'll be a bit shell shocked, but then get on with their lives I think!

weecheeky said...

May be you can take me to swagat for lunch......

Siddharth said...

Sure, anytime during gatari amavasya is even better... :)