Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Kojagiri night

Kojagiri night is a perfect little small joy. Not much of a festival, it comes between two biggies- Dassehra, and Diwali. But the full moon that the Kojagiri night holds is beautiful, isnt it? Thankfully, this time around, even the late rains let up and we had beautiful moonshine, a slightly chilly atmosphere in Pune.

As a kid, growing up in a small city, Kojagiri was a fun night for many reasons: your parents actually let you stay awake a little more than usual. They took you out to either a park nearby, sometimes a hill, or the university gardens, or sometimes your own terrace. They gave you either Basundi or masala milk to drink. Sometimes, old hindi numbers were sung, and as a child, you'd always feel special, knowing your vacation is coming soon, with the promise of firecrackers and holidays out of town.

Life remembered backwards. Always a paradise!


weecheeky said...

Kojagiri is special for me too. All the reasons you stated are obviously true and one more for me.
From my mother's side we have a tradition called 'Ashwini'. This is to celebrate your first 'apatya' as a parent or a grad parent, etc. So me being the eldest daughter i get something as a gift from my mom and main thing is 'Aukshan' at night followed by masala doodh. My gand mother used to send 'money order' for me every year, and she sent that all her life without forgetting even once. :o)
And full moon the most beautiful sight. This year could not do anything for kojagiri, but i gazed at that beautiful full moon for some time remembering all the wonderful kojagiri nights I enjoyed. :o)