Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What's your Gift?

I may be naive, but I believe everyone has a gift that they are born with. This is the main theme around my second book which has just been launched (The Gift of the Gab: Success has a Language)

I feel that once you get your gift, you get a whole new world at your doorstep. And I don't think you have to be super lucky to understand what it is- but you do need a method to reach this place consistently.

I'm hoping that everyone reading this blog likes reading my book as well. Likes it as much as I liked writing it, to quote a well worn cliche.

Book Details:
Price: Rs. 150
Publisher: Leadstart Publishing, FrogBooks
Should be available soon across cities and stores. You can also buy it off Ebay, Amazon and a host of other sites as well.