Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A funny kind of hero

What a nail- biter India won. And while India's fickle public will praise Lax to the skies and ask his head to be chopped off when he has an off day, all those who remember his contributions over the years, especially against Oz, will know that we are very very lucky to have him around.

He is a funny kind of hero. He isn't too much of an athlete; can't run and looks like Dev Anand when he bowls. He always looks as if someone has scolded him a lot and he's suffering from the aftermath of that shouting. He doesn't look smart at the wicket either and he looks like he is sleepwalking some of the time. No one asks him to endorse their products.

But give him his wand and watch him bat. Just watch him bat. Nothing else. He destroys you- while looking totally inept between deliveries. As the opposition, you are taken for a ride. This can't be the guy who's walloping us.

But he is, Ricky, he is.


Suvrat Kher said...

the funniest moment yesterday was when VVS suddenly lost his cool and yelled at Ohja for missing a single... but yeah.. sublime player.. would you place him in the all time India XI..?

Siddharth said...

I think I would Subu! and man that moment was priceless since Lax is such a horrible runner :)