Sunday, March 7, 2010

Virtual Chemistry

I love watching "Bones". It isn't the most intelligent police-detective serial ever (in fact, it can get quite gross at times). However, what I like viewing is the amazing chemistry between the lead pair of Brennan and Booth. You know, the man's man cop and the unemotional lady scientist are quite a packet on screen.

You never know whether there is anything more than a deep platonic friendship between them. In fact, there are times when I've found myself wishing they'd get together, and times when I'm quite happy that they aren't.

This kind of chemistry is often the thing that saves many a film, serial or book becoming very blah. It need not be the opposite sex all the time- I thought Jude Law and Robert Downey Junior's wisecracks between themselves were the high point of "Holmes". I still love the old Erle Stanley Gardner books, where Della Street and Perry Mason flirt lightly with each other without things evolving.

I guess, in real life, relationships evolve, and people behave differently with each other as life changes. That's why "virtual chemistry" works in serials like Bones. I'm not complaining at all.