Sunday, March 14, 2010

Summer Storms

It really tipped a few days back. I was immediately transported to childhood- getting wet, eating the raw mangoes that obligingly fall down, putting hailstones in your mouth, and paradoxically, eating ice-cream. (sometimes pot ice-cream- that's heaven)

Before air-conditioning became the norm, it was the night when you could sleep really well. Also, when it really becomes dark and monsoon-like, you get a glimpse of the beautiful season that awaits you after the mangoes get finally over.

Of course, these rains had to be in April or May, unlike the downpour we had yesterday. As a school going child, I would have been grumpy to miss all the fun. Which parent is going to send the kid out when - I still get a shudder- exams beckon?

The next day, you are always a bit let down- the summer sun reminds you who the boss is. But at least when you wake up, the dust has settled down a bit, and your memory has sharpened up about the really small and delicious things in life.

I'm waiting for the next summer storm.


Meghana said...

Nice...Reminds me of my childhood..and the joy of taking a break from dull studies!