Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Pot of Gold

The crazy, rainy, windy, sometimes sunny (but never warm) days bring forth loads of rainbows. As I saw a particularly stunning specimen today, I remembered the pot of gold thats at the end of it all.
Rainbows are a horizon phenomenon, meaning that you can never experience yourself under one directly. You can look, but thats all.

A crazy thought went through my head then. Perhaps I'm standing under a rainbow as well, right now, not knowing it, and someone else is seeing this rainbow at their horizon.  We are all standing under rainbows, not knowing it.
 It's as if we have the pot of gold and its invisible to us.  Whoa. The metaphysics of it made my mind stop for a while, as I drank in the promise of the rainbow that I saw in front of me, at a distant edge, and the fulfilment of an imagined one, over my head.

I think I need a drink or three to sober up.