Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Just finished Daniel Gilbert's "Stumbling on Happiness" and I'm madly recommending this book to anyone who's literate. Why? Well, cause I found out, much to my own dismay, that perhaps I don't really know what makes me truly happy. Very liberating.

Actually, the whole thing started when I read a book called "The War of the Worldviews" ( a very good book in its own right), where a scientist and a philosopher duke it out about life and stuff.
Funny, both guys used Stumbling on Happiness as a reference point, and I got intrigued enough to read that book first... has anything like this happened to you? You go into a bookstore, say, wanting a particular tome, and come back out with something else in your hand. Switch on the TV wanting to see your favorite show, and get stuck someplace else. Head out to meet someone, and end up yakking with someone you meet on the way.

Stumbling through life, one of life's misunderstood small joys.


Awani Deshmukh said...

i love your blogs and i always will thanks for it